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Welcome to the San Pelayo school blog of our Comenius project .

Bienvenus au blog du collège San Pelayo, au proyect Comenius

Bienvenidos al blog del colegio San Pelayo del proyecto Comenius.

domingo, 13 de mayo de 2012


Agen, was the last travel we have done in Comenius Proyect, our proyect finishes here, but along of Comenius we have done a lot of friends, and we have met a lot of people, and this is because all the countries classmates and teachers work together to make this possible :) Thanks to everybody who makes this possible and who gave us a possibility and opportunity like this.
We must do an other travel, to meet all of us, to have a good time and remaind all the moments that we have passes together. We must never forget this two years, friendship, teachers, and all the travels :)

Some photos of this week, Comenius Agen! =)